The Academy of Art University is a Source of Fashion Inspiration

The fashion world is an art form all by itself. It has fans and followers like any artist would have. Their creativity and ideas are the sources of pure joy when the world audience gets together at a show to see the latest creations. This is possible when it is cast over live-stream. New York Fashion week is the place to be for that.


Ms. J Alexander who won America’s Next Top Model competition was a participant as were many other notable models. Their vision for the future of fashion was awe-inspiring for those in attendance and those watch via live-stream. It took hours to create and only 25 minutes to watch. To those enthusiasts that participated though, it was worth it. Here are some of the artists that were on display.


– Jelly Shan

– Ryan Yu

– Cana Klebanoff

– Joanna Jadallah

– Saya Shen

– Carlos Rodriguez

– Dina Marie Lam

– Eden Slezin

– Hailun Zhou,



New fabrics and innovative uses of fabric in design were on display. In fact, the theme seemed to be the use of various types of fabrics and materials, from denim to PVC. The Academy of Art University was the school that made all the magic happen. It is a private art school which was started by Richard Stephens back in 1929. The school is in San Fransisco in California. Home to some of the best artists in the United States, it offers courses which can be taken on campus or even online.


The showings offered by the school are some of the best for those that want to see what is new in the art world today. The shows are fun and a wonderful source of inspiration for anyone interested in art and design. Acting as a source of inspiration in art and creativity through new fashion designs, it is a place for those who love art to connect with and if they are looking to get a degree in art, become a future student.


Graduates and Alumni all speak highly of their time spent there. Looking at some of the people coming out of the school, you can imagine how beneficial a degree from there is today in the fashion world.


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