Successful Butt Lift Surgery in Dallas

Successful Butt Lift Surgery in Dallas


Butt lift surgery procedure is performed to improve the appearance of patients buttocks. Some individuals may wish to improve their figures due to several reasons. At Dallas, there are surgeons who are specialized in Brazilian butt lift.


Butt lift involves a surgical procedure and can be tailored to meet patient’s specific needs and desires. Patients with extreme loose skin prefer traditional excision butt lift. Those who just want to enhance their buttocks opt for the common Brazilian butt lift.


However, the procedure gives a sexy, fine figure, there are some criteria that these patients must meet. General Health, psychological health is a paramount requirement. Smoking and overdrinking are habits to be avoided if one wishes to undergo butt lift. Although some of these requirements are advised by the specific surgeon before and after the procedure.


It is essential to note that candidacy requirements for a Brazilian butt lift and traditional excision butt lift differ. Brazilian butt lift is less complex and simple. The traditional butt lifts surgery in more invasive.


Traditional Butt Lift Surgery at Dallas


It is an involving procedure that takes two to four hours. The surgeon has to administer local anesthesia or general anesthesia accompanied by sedation. These will keep you safe and relaxed during your butt lift. So as to access the underneath tissues the doctor creates an incision into your backsides. Excess fat is removed and remaining tissues are repositioned to give a firmer look. In case of buttock implants, hard silicone materials custom made to meet your preferred size, shape and texture are fit. The doctor then tightens the skin across your shaped butt and trims the excess to give a smooth, firmer look.


Get Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery at Dallas


It is an approximately two hours’ procedure that enhances the buttock figure and size. The surgeon removes extra fat from the belly, hips, thighs or back via liposuction. Local anesthesia is used. However, if more fat is to be removed, general anesthesia and sedation are recommended. Fat cells are purified upon removal and best tissues are injected into your buttock give a natural look and feel.