Stream Energy Helps To Fight Those Surprise High Bills

Opening your energy bill can be scary. A crazy high bill that didn’t expect can be lurking inside the envelope. How does the price soar so high when you turn out lights and do all you can to control the costs? The answer may surprise you.


Household gadgets actually make your bill creep higher and higher than you would expect. Even when you aren’t using that toaster or your microwave, it’s slowly eating away at your energy costs. By just being plugged in, household gadgets can u se the same amount of energy as if you were using them. By unplugging your coffee maker, you can actually save about a dollar a year. It doesn’t seem like much, but dollars add up. Your computer, television and even your printer are energy suckers as well. Your entertainment system could save you over $100 annually by just taking the plug out of the wall.


Stream Energy doesn’t want customers to be freaked out by energy suckers like household gadgets. They try to work with consumers to ensure this doesn’t happen. The company offers weekly energy usage e-mails and helpful online monitoring tools to help consumers watch their usage. Stream Energy has been around since 2005 working to revolutionize the energy industry as a whole.


Working along with Steam’s services, consumers will find it easy to make small changes that should effect the bottom line of your energy bill. All you need to do is plug your gadgets into a power strip and remember to shut it off each day. That one second of your day could save you hundreds of dollars annually. Watch your energy bill online each week by using the monitoring tools. You won’t have to be scared of your energy bill ever again (


Best of all, Stream puts the consumers in the driving seat with flexible plans. You can even get a 30-month fixed rate plan so you aren’t in shock when opening a bill. If you go over your usage, your electricity won’t be shut off and you won’t be left in the dark.

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