Roberto Santiago: The Legendary Investor & Entrepreneur and His Role in Transforming Joao Pessoa

When the history of retail trade and the entire business landscape is written, one name that must feature prominently is that of Roberto Santiago of Manaira Shopping Mall. The 58-years old business genius joined the business world as a young man and has since remained active for well over three decades. He developed Santiago Manaira Shopping from nothing between 1987 and 1989, finally coming up with what was later to become Joao Pessoa’s source of entertainment and recreation. The mall exceeds any other shopping facility in Joao Pessoa and the entire state of Paraiba both regarding size and popularity. It is built on a vast area exceeding 750002 in size and houses slightly under 300 shopping stores.


The Journey


The journey to the top for many entrepreneurs is never easy. Roberto Santiago’s case is not different. The legendary investor and entrepreneur grew up just like any other ordinary boy in Joao Pessoa in Paraiba, Brazil. Since from his early days, he was determined and optimistic that he would better the lives of residents in his hometown. After completing his senior high school, he went to Pio X-Marist College for higher learning. It was from there that he advanced to the university and added a bachelor’s degree in business administration to his name. His alma mater is the University Centre of Joao Pessoa. With a substantial education, Roberto set out to search for a job and found one at Café Santa Rosa. The Joao Pessoa-based firm was manufacturing a host of house décor products and presented Roberto with a good platform to learn a thing or two in business.


Roberto Santiago was born an entrepreneur and employment was not among his top priorities. For that reason, he quit Café Santa Rosa and decided to try his hands on an entrepreneurial venture. His first venture involved making cartons and decorative products from cardboard. As the venture grew, Roberto grew regarding his abilities to manage businesses as well as in terms of his financial position. It was after accruing enough funds that he started investing in the real estate in small installments until h became a top investor. The experience he earned from the real estate business was key to his eventual purchase of land and building of Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall.


Recent Investments


Over the last 28 years, Roberto and his management team at Manaira Shopping have made huge investments towards making the mall bigger and better. Today, the mall has been enlarged to accommodate concert halls, a gym, a restaurant, a theater, and a gaming area. Most importantly, Roberto led the management team in bringing a couple of financial institutions into the mall as well as a college. Four years back, Manaira gave birth to another mall still in Joao Pessoa. The mall, Mangeira Shopping Mall, has completely changed the economy of the region for the better.


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