Jorge Moll Innovative Solutions for the Brazilian Health Sector

President, D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching, Jorge Moll Neto, is passionate about innovative solutions that revolutionize patient treatment and care. He regularly speaks on the strides taken in advancing healthcare.


Jorge Moll is also a cardiologist and founder of a Rede D’Or Sao Luiz, a network of hospitals. The hospital began as an examination institution and an imaging laboratory before transforming into one of the leading chains of Hospitals in the countries. The pioneer hospital opened in Rio de Janeiro in the 1970’s. Between the 1970’s and 1980’s, Rio de Janeiro was the hallmark of medicine in Brazil ( However, as years went by, the services offered started deteriorating in public hospitals. Further, after the SUS directive to unify hospitals and scrap identities the situation worsened. The idea of a network of hospitals was born out of the need to efficiently serve different areas of the population. The building of the first three institutions under the network commenced in Quinta D’Or, Copa D’Or, and Barra d’Or.

Despite accumulating lots of debts at the beginning, Jorge Moll focused on achieving his vision. Then, operators made most of the money but remitted little to the hospitals. During the economic crisis in Brazil, people opted for the SUS or plans with less coverage and lower quality. An innovator, Jorge Moll proposed the Total Health Management Model to deal with the situation. The overarching objective of Jorge’s proposal was to offer care at lower costs without wastages. Jorge Moll also intended to help operators comprehend the hospital perspective of patient treatments and pathways. The other goal is to achieve perceived and technical quality as well as patient loyalty. By collaborating with medical auditors while maintaining excellence in care, the model can conquer all its objective, the Model also factors in the patient right from entry, through the emergency room, hospitalization and surgery.


Jorge Moll acknowledges the role played by technology in advancing medicine. He often refers to the Silicon Valley as the catalysts of many innovations in health care. Jorge notes that some of the benefits of the technology include efficient and personalized interactions between medical practitioners and patients, timely delivery of service, and enhanced safety and depth in medical evaluation. Doctors can also structure data remotely after consultation to allow for further review and improved patient experience.


Another cause that Jorge Moll is passionate about is volunteering and stewardship. He believes that there is no measure of philanthropy (Crunchbase). Jorge Moll challenges others to start by making a difference in the life of a neighbor, friend or relative.