A Review Of The Professionalism Of Newswatch TV

Newswatch TV has been in operation since March of 1990 and since then has aired more than 1300 episodes. The show focuses on providing the public with medical, current and breaking news, as well as public service announcements and celebrity interviews. It also features a segment called AppWatch, which began in 2012 and is geared toward reviewing new mobile apps that are compatible with Android, iOS and Window devices.


The informative 30-minute broadcast can be viewed on the ION and AMC networks during the early morning news hour of 7:00, and on the YouTube channel it added in 2012 that continues to have a big following. Clients who have used the marketing services of Newswatch TV have described the staff at the company as being highly professional and knowledgeable when it comes to how they help them promote their products.


One of the companies Newswatch TV provided their video marketing services to is Steel Series, which is a manufacturer of a line of headphones and video game controllers. The executives at this Denmark-based business expressed their satisfaction with how their advertising campaign was handled by Newswatch TV, stating that their complete understanding of their brand’s promotional needs combined with their knowledge of how public relations and all aspects of the marketing process really works, was very helpful in gaining Steel Series more popularity among consumers and increasing the company’s revenue.


Based in the District of Columbia, Newswatch TV also operates its business in cities in Virginia, Colorado, and New York. The video distribution company known as Bridge Communications is its owner. Awards that the consumer news and reviews show have won include the 2017 Gold and Platinum Marcom Award, the 2017 National Videographer Award for excellence in 30 Minute programming, and the Silver Telly, which it won in 2016.